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  The novel is a long time ago, there is a village, the village lived in the Mulan family, Mulan's father because of injuries in the battlefield, leg disease, retired at home self-cultivation. However, when Mulan was in his teens, there was unrest in the country, and the enemy were preparing to attack the Great Wall under the Great Wall. The emperor had to draft under the edict, each must have a man as young men went to the front to fight. One of them was Mulan's father, her father Mulan in order to have the courage to Nvbannanzhuang Congjun father.

  The edict issued second days at home, Mulan came to the barracks, soldiers who did not know that she is a girl. In this way, she began the camp life, day after day training, let her follow the rades in arms practiced a good Kung fu. One day, sir. The arrow at the top of the post, but no one can take it off, only Mulan continue to spend all night time, climbed to the top, with the arrow, also let the other side the soldiers to him to sit up and take notice. Finally on the battlefield, they go, go, suddenly, a lot of the enemy rushed to them, it was in ambush. Mulan see in front of the snow capped mountains and cliffs, and a gun on the snow capped mountains, is a great power, the avalanche enemy were all drowned in the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers snow capped. The chief was also swept away by the strength of the avalanche, Mulan in order to save him, be injured by ice, the general asks a doctor to e to her to pack up time, everybody discovered that Mulan is u

  nexpectedly a female. Thinking that Mulan had saved her life, she did not kill her, and the army threw Mulan back to the capital. Mulan found that there is no enemy killed in an avalanche, Chanyu alive. Mulan hurried back to the capital, risking the death of the enemy, and telling everyone that the enemy had not died. But no one believed her, just because she was a girl. Unfortunately happened in the emperor to the executive reward, in a raid, the emperor was captured in the tower. Everybody just believed Mulan's words, and worked together to save the emperor with Mulan. The emperor wanted Mulan to stay with him as his minister, but she refused. She wanted to go back to her hometown. The Emperor gave Mulan Khan's sword, let everyone see this girl contributions to the country, the people and the emperor thanked her.

  I read the book, think Mulan is very brave, who is a great sin, but to her own father at all costs, really great.


  For the two months of summer vacation, I want a full, so I had the pleasure of reading the famous French novelist Maupassant's "Boule de Suif". In addition to the book "Boule de Suif", there are other three stories, and I personally enjoy "Boule de Suif" this one.

  The contents of this paper is based on the background of the Franco Prussian War, the hero is a living in the bottom of society, discrimination of prostitutes, a French coach before leaving the territory, was a Prussian Officer detained officers asked Boule de Suif to spend the night with him, otherwise the coach will not pass, but the ball of fat for his patriotism, resolutely refused. But with the car on the identity of the passengers for their own interests, in order to force her to sacrifice themselves, under the ruthless threat, suet ball was forced to make a choice, you saved. However, when second of the passengers when the car Tian Yi, a ruthless alienate her, and she no longer speak. As if she were a virus, she pletely forgot that her freedom was in exchange for her own sacrifice.

  The article with the succinct language, strong contrast, those people who have noble hypocrisy, elegant appearance of the ugly face to reveal the most incisive wonder about these hypocrites the resentment of the heart, beauty and ugliness of human nature to show up, impersonal, for the period of French politics, egoistic society let more, we should treat each other sincerely, people feel full of love and help each other under the atmosphere of society is very warm. At the same time, we are lucky to think that we are not living in the extraordinary circumstances. But if we do not know how to cherish, and people are wearing a "Mask", the way people are seeking whether can benefit from them, then our society will bee very dim, there is no laughter. I do not want to see such a society exists, but also requires us to be honest with each other, trust each other and help each other. Every little bit to build it up, if you plant the seeds you false display of affection, will only get baoqingguay

  i fruit.

  I believe that each person will be happy when he is sincere. It's pathetic to wear masks and money related relationships, so we need to eliminate the barriers in good faith. With sincerity to move around the relatives and friends, to create a harmonious, happy society! Let this world is full of love.









  (3)书设计合理,字迹工整规范。一个中学英语教师应在教学工作中充满生机和活力,富有创新意识和超前意识,对待教学实践中所遇到问题应经常反思,并保持探索的习惯。创新在本质上是一种超越,要越过传统和现实以及自我的障碍。教师如果富有创新意识和创新能力,能使学生的创造能力在潜移默化中不断提高。 中学英语教师在教学过程中会遇到很多意想不到的问题,这就要求中学英语教师进行反思。上完一节课后,静静地坐在办公桌前,从容地整理自己的教学思路,反思自己的教学行为,总结自己的教学得失。使自己的教学更上一个台阶!


  Hamlet " of Shakespear is a classical representative work. This book certainly does not have the big difference in the superficial plot with the historical fable, spoke or the Danish prince the story which revenged for the father, in which fills the rank smell of blood violence and dies.Just like the dramatis personae Horatio said: " you may hear to to rape massacre, the unusual repair behavior, the dark center decision, accidental slaughter, borrows the hand murder,

  as well as falls into suicide result." Windingly elects the plot, tightly centers on the revenge to launch. Hamlet Wittenberg hurries back the home in a hurry from Germany, is attends his fathers funeral,,enables him to accept, he not catches up with fathers funeral, actually witnessed the mother and the Uncle Claudius wedding ceremony, this had caused Hamm the Wright suspicion at the heart, added night above meets in the royal palace castle with fathers ghost, the ghost sorrow sued, this pile atrocity was Uncle Hamlet the behavior, and wanted him to revenge for the this, he started the difficult revenge course, launched the life and death contest with Claudius. Finally, sent out sword the revenge to Claudius.


  Read the red and black "is a time too long process, because time already gave writers and works most selfless and impartial judge, I like reading attitude to bestseller since can’t, and can’t be like that unbridled fiction was nonmittal on that. I’m in with the mind talking with that era, the key is in history outside of the inquiry and thinking

  Lead me finish the book is gnaw its own great charm. The authors from a paper simple criminal case showed that time data broader social screen, turn an ordinary criminal improve to early nineteenth century French bourgeoisie social system, make the level of the research history and philosophy. Novel makes me see history books in curt inability to feel, that France and bourgeois big noble alternating the key period of ruling the condition. I learn realistic works of another kind of artistic characteristics of the world of people - 1783 stendhal "soul dialectics"; This and I had from the high old man ", "ouye ni ? lattice lang sets of Balzac in" the experience "caused a person’s circumstances" very different.

  The most dazzling encyclopedia is literary history famous characters, in SuoLeiEr natural is even higher, "civilian background, culture, as happened with the hostess governess, relationships, dew, the shot that lover, was sentenced to death" is his life’s skeleton, "pursue" happy "warm" and "perseverance and class differences revolt showed almost hero’s spirit is moving flesh and blood. The author USES desalt material description and highlight the gimmick of mind tracking, it is to strengthen the impulse even in youth pursuit of "the hero’s dream" experience, this is the social form of resistance, but also for proudlly, our lost youth rebellion.

  For ambition in social reality when hampering only two choices: retreats or resistance. Those small staff in advance, not all the youth is plaining life tedious withdraws person, they maybe mediocrity fortably was social forward eliminated. Can continually establish a life goal, decided to achieve the ideal of life is and YuLianYou masculine-looking same protesters. The era of course not wele false words as the method, but still need enthusiasm for life to oppose empty to live. So, in the end even tragic except shows "personal rebellion won’t work" outside, the more practical significance in today’s society.

  Write so far, leads to the novel to a "firsts" -- made with DE pepe reina in even Mrs "spiritual love" and to connect with DE la Moore young lady "mind love" set each other off bees an interest. Although the two aristocratic way of love, a very different deep, a frantic, they in these two basic points is consistent, that is: to this class of disgust, MenFa system and rebellious feudal. Remember when julien jeanvier find their love is morphing into vanity said "I put their tools can be destroyed", after the detail is "a proud with malicious expression between the most sincere quickly replaced the most intense love, look." The noble from miss is always slow as the tortoise climb, like life, with a loss of dignity method. Evoked love Book two paragraphs of tragic love has always been with the progress of the upstart dominated and even inferiority in the suspect, until brought life shall be the end, love that broke the futility of primitive sparks, a illnesses.

  When I will put pen to write with consciousness, found that when the time already can feel with the time with a psychic reading the original pared. I’m excited to gain against mediocre revelation, moved by those although distortion and still heroic love segments. When someone mentioned "red and black", I can proudly in response to "I read" behind plus a "I also YanJuan meditation of".











  商务英语口语实训已经结束了,通过为期两周的学习,我受益匪浅,口语能力得到了一定的提高,同时还学到了许多英语知识。 本实训旨在使学生更加重视英语口语训练并掌握口语表达的有效技巧,使学生进一步强化英语口语能力以适应职业的需要,从而培养较强的商务英语口语实际交际能力。通过本实训,介绍几种有效提高听力和口语的学习方法,力图克服学生开口难的畏惧心理,最终为学生提高商务英语的应用能力、增强商务环境下的英语口头沟通能力提供具有建设性的语言学习启示,从而建立起具有持续性的语言学习能力。

  本次商务英语口语实训主要学习了国际音标和情景剧练习。通过这两大部分的训练,培养了我们用英语朗读各种题材书面材料的能力,培养我们在没有文字凭借的情况下用英语表达自己的观点的能力,清楚而逻辑的论证自己的观点的能力,培养在特定的商务情境下不借助文字辅助资料进行连贯而得体的交谈的能力。 实训要求我们认真参与、刻苦训练,在准备阶段能运用各种工具解决所遇到的问题,必要时能进行成功地团结合作,在检查中能自如发挥,独立完成所要求的任务。

  学习的第一大部分是国际音标。标准英语中共有48个音标,其中20个为元音音标,28个辅音音标。发音时声带振动且气流在通路上不受发音器官阻挡的是元音。发音时气流在通路上受到发音器官阻挡的是辅音。老师首先讲解了基础音标的读法,通过重新学习语音音标,让我对音标有了新的认识,发现了我以前在读音标时存在许多错误。对于口语中常出现的惯例性的特定读法,老师也给与我们及时的改正。让我们的英语口语更流畅,更标准。 在学习了基本音标的基础上,有根据这些音标列举出常见的单词、短语、例句,让我们能更好的消化这一读音,让我们的发音更标准。 通过音标的学习让我认识到准确的学习音标为我的英语口语发音打下了良好的基础,成为我学习英语的优势。通过英语音标记单词是快速记背单词的最有效的一种方法。如果熟练掌握了英语音标发音的规律,就能很好的背下单词。通过基础语音训练让我确信它确实带给我很大的改变,可以培养我的语感。而英语学习的最高境界就是语感的形成。这不仅让我们的口语变得更流畅、标准,也会在我们的英语笔试考试中起到极其重要的作用。


  在面试时应做的准备工作,包括:面试前、面试中、面试后。 通过面试的口语对话练习,让我了解到面试时的常用语。通过把学到的英语知识运用到实际中,锻炼了我们的口语能力。同时面试也是我们步入社会的第一步,对我们的将来起着极其重要的作用。第二章《reception and visit》学习的内容主要是如何向外宾致欢迎词,如何与外商进行对话,以及与外商讨论公司合作的有关事宜。 通过学习这一部分的知识,使客人更好地了解我们的公司,相信我们的公司,才能更好的进行交流合作。第三章《meeting and organization》学习的'主要内容是组织会议的流程,包括会议的开始,回顾过去,陈述会议目标,重申会议重点,提醒大家注意时间,评论与反馈,结束会议等等。第四章《negotiation》主要讲的是谈判的一些技巧,比如如何开始谈判,如何理解和赞同对方或反对和不赞同对方,如何进行讨价还价,如何结束谈判等等。第五章《marketing and sales》市场销售是对外贸易也是商务活动中重要组成部分,其中包括市场调查、产品介绍、销售产品、售后服务等方面。只有进行良好的市场调查才能更好的销售商品。

  确的介绍产品,并安排正确的销售手段、提供最好的售后服务。只有做好这些,才能销售好商品。第六章《advertising and public relations》主要讲了公司怎样去做一些广告宣传,比如如何确定广告的目标和战略,如何制定广告的预算,如何设计广告的信息及如何处理公关关系等等。第七章《business telephone》主要讲的是当你不能亲自前往时,电话可以帮助你实现预定宾馆房间、进行商务预约、寻求商品信息、上午留言等方面的要求。,这样既可以节约时间,又可以不影响到商务活动。同时也学习了如何根据传真的信息进行电话通话,如何在与外国客户的交谈中获取更多的信息。第八章《business dinner》这一课主要学习的是餐桌上如何点餐以及正确的餐桌礼仪。 良好的餐桌礼仪能够给我们的顾客留下良好的印象,获得更多的青睐。给我们带来无限的商机。第九章《business presentation》在进行产品介绍前要通过三步选好自己的主题。一是确定为什么要选择这件商品,既要容易表达也要有足够的特点。二是要明确听众是什么类型。如果是同行,就要提供更多的信息。如果只是顾客,就要提出吸引他们的地方。三是明确听众知道些什么关于产品的知识,想知道些什么。通过这些过程,一定可以做出吸引人眼球的产品介绍会。




  1. 符号笔记





  2. 批注笔记




  3. 摘抄式笔记


  (1) 摘抄那些精彩、有价值、有必要的内容。

  (2) 录后要经过核对注意与原文相符甚至标点符号也要与原文一样否则就有可能把作者的原意弄错。

  (3) 摘抄前后或中间有所省略要用省略号表示。如果遇上原文已有的省略号要加括号注明“(省略号为原文已有)”以便于区别。

  (4) 一定要在抄录(或剪贴)后注明资料的来源如书名或刊名、编著者、出版社、出版年月等需要时可查考原文。

  (5) 使用卡片摘抄资料时一张卡片只能记一条材料否则不便于分类也不便于检索。

  (6) 如果能在抄录后随时写一点体会、感想可以加深自己对原文的理解。